Roberto Laguna Ditleff

Roberto is respected as one of the most successful tabletop director-cameraman and still
Photographers. He was born in São Paulo, in his early years he was inspired by the world of
photography while spending time on the sets of Walter Hugo Khouri his uncle, who is one of
Brazil’s most famous film directors. Roberto earned his Bachelors degree in
Industrial Engineering while pursuing his dream to become a world class

He moved to Paris to continue his education in film, assisting the famous French
Cinematographer Bernard Lutic, whose film credits include: Le Roi de Paris (1994), Between
the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (1995), The Quarry (1998) and Hanuman (1998)
Back in Brazil, working with the most renowned commercial production houses, Roberto built
his reputation from the bottom up, from assistant editor to film director/cameraman. His
Photography was showcased in exhibits at Kapz Atmosphere and the Latin American Museum
in Miami.

Roberto’s credits as Director of Photography:

Feature Films: 2016 – Teu Mundo Não Cabe Nos Meus Olhos – Dir. Paulo Nascimento
2009 – Em Teu Nome – Dir. Paulo Nascimento
2008 – A Casa Verde – Dir. Paulo Nascimento 2007 – Valsa Para Bruno Stein – Dir. Paulo Nascimento

Television Credits:
2014 – Império – Serie Opening Title Sequence – Director and DP, Roberto Laguna
2010 – Amélia & Pippo – Dir. Rafael Valez
2003 – Blind Date – EUA – Dir. Luciana Petrocchi

On the commercial side Roberto’s work as a tabletop expert has been recognized Internationally
and he continues to experiment and stay on the cutting edge of his craft, this passion and
love of photography is evident in his work.

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HAP "Peace"
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